Bishop John of Caracas and South America presides over the Vidovdan celebrations at the Serbian Orthodox Church's Cathedral

On June 28 and July 2, 2023, the main national holiday of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Vidovdan, was prayerfully celebrated at the Cathedral of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This year, at the invitation of His Grace Bishop Kirill (Serbian Orthodox Church), who was in Europe on church affairs, the celebrations were led by His Grace Bishop John of Caracas and South America.

At the end of Sunday Divine Liturgy, His Grace John delivered a sermon addressing all those present:

"I congratulate everyone on the feast of Vidovdan, I ask you to convey my gratitude to His Grace Bishop Kirill that he invited me, showing love, as he always invites me on this day. Of course, it would be better if he were present, but, unfortunately, this is not always possible. He is spiritually present and prays with us.

“Today, the Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates its national holiday, Vidovdan. The Serbian people today are celebrating their defeat in the Battle of Kosovo, when they lost their freedom to the Turks. And because of this, they cannot celebrate secularly, but only spiritually. But this is an official holiday.

“Prince Lazarus, and those who went to battle with him, entered the Kingdom of Heaven. They were given the choice of reigning today on earth or to attain the Heavenly abode, which they chose. They stopped the invasion of Muslims and protected all of Christianity, but they also suffered for it - because the Lord brought them into His Kingdom. But this is not a celebration of worldly victory, but of spiritual victory, a celebration of devotion and faithfulness to Christ.

Therefore, one should not look for victory in this world, and wish defeat to one's enemies - especially since this is a violation of the commandment of love. We must, in a firm confession of our faith, follow Christ even to death, if we are to continue to consider ourselves Christians."

The communion of the archpastor, the clergy and the assembled worshippers continued at a meal arranged by the parishioners of the cathedral.

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