CHICAGO: June 5, 2020
Message from Archbishop Peter of Chicago and Mid-America on the civil unrest in the US

Dear in Christ Clergy, Brothers and Sisters of our God-loving Diocese of Mid-America:

I greet you all with the great feast of Pentecost Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and establishment of the Holy New-Testament Church of Christ.

Since the day of Her foundation, the Holy Church always defended and cared for the oppressed, widows, orphans, and homeless (Acts: III, 45; IV, 34-35; VI, 1-3). Besides, all charity was of free will and non-compulsory. (Acts: V, 4) And so it was throughout the ages.

State social services appeared rather recently.

The Holy Church was always against any kind of revolutions or forceful overturning of power. Instead, She supported civil evolution. For example, being persecuted, She peacefully, without any riots, changed the course of the pagan Roman Empire, having completely regenerated it.

The same was done by Orthodox Christian missionaries, who spread the Holy Gospel among different nations.

Look at the history of Holy Russia and compare by what means the Bolsheviks planted equality.

Now we are experiencing great turmoil in our United States. Attempts are made to destroy all foundations of law and order. In the name of justice we see looting, destruction, and mayhem.

The Holy Church was always against such actions, and Orthodox Christians cannot participate or support them.

Apostle Paul writes that we should pray for the land we live in and its authorities. If there is peace in the land, so will the Church and Her children live in peace and prosperity.

Therefore, we should enforce our prayers for our American land and its peace and tranquility.

+Archbishop Peter

May 22/June 4, 2020
Righteous Melchizedek, King of Salem


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