WASHINGTON, DC: December 23, 2016
The St Herman's Orthodox Youth Conference Convenes

The annual St Herman's Youth Conference on the East Coast of the USA opens on December 23, 2016, in Washington, DC. The event hosts round tables, divine services and other events at St John the Baptist Cathedral.

As Protopriest Victor Potapov, Rector of the cathedral, told RIA Novosti news service, the conference, meeting for the 37th time, welcomes approximately 200 young people aged 14-27. They are gathering not only from the territory of the Eastern American Diocese but from Canada, Australia and Russia as well.

Fr Victor pointed out that "St Herman of Alaska was a great Russian missionary of the late 18th-early 19th centuries, who came to shine the light of Orthodox Christianity to the natives."

Two key presentations are featured at the event: one is the topic "How to lead an Orthodox life in an un-Orthodox society."

Another lecture focuses on St John of Shanghai and San Francisco, one of the most revered holy men of the Russian Diaspora. The 50th anniversary of his repose was celebrated earlier this year. Protopriest Peter Perekrestov of San Francisco will talk about his life. "He will bring a reliquary containing St John's relics, which will remain with us throughout the event," said Fr Victor.

Fr Victor stressed that the Fund for Assistance to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia has provided most of the financial support for the event.

Organizers of the event pointed out that special classes will be held covering topics like the Mystery of matrimony and holy Baptism, and what it means to be a good godparent.


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