MOSCOW: November 29, 2016
Znamensky Church in Novospassky Monastery hosts an exhibition titled God is With Us! May Russia Be Ressurected!

An exhibition devoted to the participants of the White Movement and their devoted service to Russia in their homeland and abroad has opened at Znamensky Church in Novospassky Monastery in Moscow. It was organized by the monastery and the Union of the Descendants of the Russians of Gallipoli.

It will reveal the great efforts of the White Movement, how its participants continued to selflessly serve their Fatherland even while in exile, staunchly preserving their ideals and traditions. A special section is devoted to the Hodigitria of the Russian Diaspora, the Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God "of the Sign, and miracles associated with it.

Attending the November 26, 2016, opening were His Grace Bishop Savva (Mikheev), Prior of the monastery and Vicar of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill; Mr AV Kibovsky, Minister of the Moscow Municipality and Head of its Department of Culture; Mr Alexey Grigoriev, President of the Union of the Descendants of the Russians of Gallipoli; Mr Paul Edward Kulikovsky, a descendant of the Imperial Romanov Family, great-grandson of Tsarina Olga Alexandrovna, daughter of Tsar Alexander III, and descendants of the members of the White Movement from Russia, Europe, the USA and Australia.

Vladyka Savva called upon everyone to pray for those who were once forced to flee their Homeland and did not survive to return, those who died in the diaspora with dreams of Russia, after which he performed a pannikhida service for the participants of the White Movement. His Grace expressed hope that next year, the Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God would be brought to Znamensky Church for veneration.

Mr Kibovsky then thanked Vladyka Savva for his role in restoring Znamensky Church, where on this day, Russians of one spirit and faith gathered, people with whom we share moral and spiritual values.

Mr Grigoriev reminded the attendees that in November, 1920, the Russian Army under General Wrangel, leaving the shores of their Homeland, landed on the Turkish peninsula of Gallipoli, where White soldiers and their families were not only able to survive under difficult circumstances, but remain true patriots of their Fatherland, continuing to serve historic Russia even abroad. The White

Movement is an important page in the history of Russia, concluded Mr Grigoriev.

The hymn Kol slaven (How Glorious is our Lord in Zion) as well as the March of Alekseevsky Regiment were sung by the choir of Novospassky Monastery.

Representatives of the Moscow United Volunteer Brigade donned reconstructed military uniforms of various parts of the White Army.

The uniqueness of this exhibit lies in the fact that descendants of the White Moevement living in France, Great Britain, Australia and the USA participated. Rare photographs were shown, along with manuscripts from private collections and heirlooms.

The show is sponsored by the Charitable Foundation of Prince Sergei Alexandrovich, as well as the Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God Fund.

Photos and a video are available online.



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