SAN FRANCISCO: November 29, 2011
The Cathedral of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow" Presents the Eighth CD "Songs of the Russian Diaspora," to Mark the 90th Anniversary of the Russian Church Abroad

"The eighth volume in the series 'Chants of the Russian Emigres,' marks another high point in this remarkable project, in which Russian Orthodox choirs in Russia and Belarus have been making premier recordings of many hundreds works composed by Russian church musicians forced to emigrate from their homeland during the 75 years of atheistic Communism. Coming eight years after the release of the first volume, this volume features the same conductor as the first Irina Denisova, a prominent choral conductor and composer in Belarus, now a nun at the St. Elizabeth Monastery in Minsk. Many of the singers of the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral followed their conductor to form the Festal Choir of the Monastery, having grown in the quality and maturity of their choral sound in the intervening years. There is some inspired and highly artistic singing on this CD, premiering wonderful repertoire, which is destined to become better known and take its rightful place among the masterpieces of the New Russian Choral School. As with previous volumes, the booklet is entirely bi-lingual (Russian and English) and features biographies and rare photos of these undeservedly neglected composers. Highly recommended!" [url=http://www.musicarussica.com][i]Musica Russica[/i][/url]

The following composers of the Russian diaspora are represented on volume 8: Alexander Chesnokov, Ivan Gardner, Nicholas Kedrov (fils), Michael Konstantinov, Maxim Kovalevsky, Boris Ledkovsky, Archpriest Pavel Shilyaev and Alexander Zhavoronkov.

Listen to sample tracks here:

"The Cherubic Hymn", Znamenny Chant, harmonized by N. Kedrov (fils): http://www.wadiocese.com/audio/Cherubic.mp3

"It Is Truly Meet To Bless Thee", Tsar Feodor Melody, harmonized by Archpriest Pavel Shilyaev: http://www.wadiocese.com/audio/Dostoino.mp3

Volumes 1-6 in the series are sold out. CD 8 price $18.00 US + $2.00 shipping (contact the publisher for bulk orders). The CD's are available at:

Russkiy Pastyr
475 26th Avneue, #2
San Francisco, CA 94121, USA

(415) 387-5164

E-mail: ruspast@sbcglobal.net


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