Basil Joukov Reposes in the Lord

On July 30, 2011, after a long illness, the devoted son of Historic Russia, Basil Feodorovich Joukov, died in Connecticut at the age of 88.

Mr Joukov was born in January 14, 1924, in Bulgaria to the family of a Kuban Cossack, a participant of the White Movement in Russia (1918-1920). Since early childhood he participated in nationalist work.

In 1935, he joined the National Organization of Russian Razvedchiki [scouts]--NORR--and in 1936, enrolled in the Corporal Courses of the Russian General Military Union (ROVS) in Bulgaria. A fervent Russian patriot, he wishing to strive for the emancipation of Russia from communism with arms in hand, Basil deemed it necessary to join the Russian Corps during World War II. Beginning as a junker of the 5th Company (rota) of the 3rd Regiment, Joukov was elevated to the rank of Second Lieutenant (podporuchik) and went on the serve at the radio station of the 1st Company of the 2nd Regiment, and in 1944, at the communications base of the Corps Headquarters. After the war, he took active participation in the nationalist upbringing of Russian youth in the ranks of NORR, first in Morocco, then in the US, where after some time he became its Director of NORR. In 1999, Captain VN Butkoff of the Russian All-Military Union (ROVS) appointed him Senior Director and designated Staff Captain.

On August 2, the feast day of Prophet Elias, Basil Joukov's funeral was held at the Meeting of the Lord Church in Stratford, CT, and the burial performed at Novo-Diveevo Convent Cemetery in Nanuet, NY.


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