JORDANVILLE, NY: April 30, 2010
Holy Trinity Seminary Releases a Quarterly Journal

The first issue of a new quarterly journal, Troitskoe Nasledie [Legacy of Holy Trinity], published by Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, has been published.

This Russian-language periodical is put forth through the efforts of the Seminary faculty and is a continuation of the Listok Svyato-Troitskoy seminarii [Bulletin of Holy Trinity Seminary], founded in 1997. The journal consists of 80 color pages.

The first issue is devoted to the memory of Archbishop Vitaly (Maximenko), Abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery and founder of Holy Trinity Seminary. The 50th anniversary of his death was celebrated this year.

“To preserve and multiply, that is what each person who is entrusted with this treasured legacy is called upon to do,” states the announcement on the official website of Holy Trinity Seminary. “We cannot remain silent about the legacy left to us by the fathers of Holy Trinity Monastery, Archbishop Vitaly (Maximenko), Archbishop Averky (Taushev), Metropolitan Laurus (Shkurla), Archimandrites Panteleimon, Joesph, Konstantin, Vladimir, Anthony and Kiprian, and the Seminary’s teachers: ND Talberg, IM Andreevsky, EE Alferiev and many others… We must remember this and upon this we must build the future of the Russian diaspora… The aim of our magazine is to resurrect the memory of the spiritual podvig of our predecessors and inspire the continuation of the noble work amid our compatriots who are far from their Homeland…”

The journal will publish new archival material of the Russian diaspora, a portion of which is found at Holy Trinity Seminary. Another goal will be to reestablish and strengthen bonds with the Mother Church in the Fatherland.


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