NEW YORK: March 30, 2010
The 2010 Directory of Clergy, Parishes and Monasteries of the Russian Church Abroad Is Out

St Innocent Press has published the 2010 edition of its Directory of Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia parishes and clergy. This soft-cover, 192-page volume is the print version of ROCOR’s online worldwide directory, www.directory.stinnocentpress.com, a site administered by St Innocent Press. The directory includes listings for all 388 ROCOR parishes and monasteries in 33 countries around the world. Parish listings are organized by country and then alphabetically by city. The second half of the directory lists the nearly 500 clergymen who serve the Church, arranged alphabetically by Christian name. The names of all parishes and clergy are listed in both Russian and English (or German, or French, etc.), making it a useful reference tool.  New for 2010 are listings of Church organizations, artisans, and suppliers. The directory is also available as a pdf which has live links for all websites and emails.


Orders for the printed directory can be placed online at 

Orders for the pdf e-directory can be placed online at 

Orders can also be made by contacting St Innocent Press at

St Innocent Press
P.O. Box 1468, Middlebury
Indiana, 46540

(574) 825-3120.

Orders within Australia should be directed to Mrs Lena Millwood in Brisbane at (07) 3391 6506
or by email: lena_millwood@hotmail.com

Purchases of the printed directory help support the administration of the online directory.


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