NEW YORK: May 21, 2008
Metropolitan Hilarion Bishops Congratulates President Medvedev

To His Excellency, President of the Russian Federation
Dmitry Anatolievich Medvedev

Your Excellency
Esteemed Dmitry Anatolievich:

Christ is Risen!

In these bright days of the Pascha of Christ, I send my heartfelt congratulations to you on your assuming the highest government office, that of the President of the Russian Federation.

In these complicated times for Russia, times of change and socio-economic transformation, you took upon yourself a great responsibility for the present and future of our Fatherland, for the fate of millions of Russians.

We in the Russian Diaspora also know and deeply value the fact that thanks to your personal participation, a spirit of trust and mutual understanding is being formed and the relationship between the Russian State and the Russian Orthodox Church is developing fruitfully. We hope for further strengthening for the good of Orthodox Christians living in the Fatherland and abroad.

The position of the head of government is a daily, painstaking effort, demanding wise and considered decisions, endurance and patience.

May the Lord help you labor through your best efforts to make Russia blossom, spiritually strong and an enlightened government which remembers its past and preserves the holy traditions of her forefathers.

I call Divine blessings upon you, may the Lord bless you and your family with peace and well-being for many good years!

With love in the Resurrected Christ,

Metropolitan of Eastern America and New York
First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
May 18, 2008


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