A French-Language Textbook on the Old Testament is Published

The editors of La Voie Orthodoxe ["The Orthodox Way"], a French-language periodical published in Lyon by Priest Quentin de Castebajac, Rector of the Church of St John the Russian the Confessor, have issued a special publication.

In 2005, an abridged prayer book in French was published to wide acclaim. Now a textbook on the Old Testament has been published, which, as the editor says in his foreword, will be the first in a series of aids in teaching the Law of God, the Lord willing. In particular, proposed now are books on the New Testament and the history of the Church.

At the foundation of the book were lessons on the Law of God prepared for children ages 8-14. However, the editors points out, this new publication may prove beneficial not only for children but adults as well, for those who wish to gain an understanding of Old Testament history and for those who need teaching aids for their children.

His Grace Bishop Ambroise, who blessed the project, emphasizes the two main attributes of this book: "It enables the understanding of key episodes of the complex history of mankind before the face of God, of which we often have a very loose grasp; at the same time, it gives us an all-encompassing outline of the history of our salvation, showing how the Incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ was the supreme expression of God's love for His disobedient creation."

To order this book, or other publications of La Voie Orthodoxe , please contact http://perso.wanadoo.fr /stranitchka/


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