News from the Diocese of Geneva and Western Europe

Geneva, Switzerland: The clergymen and lay representatives of the Diocese of Geneva and Western Europe will convene at a Diocesan Assembly from December 26-28, after which a clergy retreat will also be held. The Assembly and retreat were organized to discuss current ecclesiastical matters.

The latest events in Cannes, France, will be among the topics of discussion. The situation there is to be decided with the participation of civil court.


Vevey, Switzerland: On December 4/17, the parishioners of the Church of Holy Great Martyr Barbara in Vevey celebrated their feast day. His Grace Bishop Michael of Geneva and Western Europe officiated at Divine Liturgy along with His Grace Bishop Ambroise, the long-time rector of the parish. The parishioners and a multitude of other worshipers joyfully celebrated the feast day of their saint, which this year fell on a Sunday. Protodeacon Michel Vernaz was specially honored: this day is both his birthday and the anniversary of his ordination.

We offer our readers photographs of the procession of the cross conducted on this day.


Bari, Italy: The following day, Bishop Michael and Protopriest Peter Figurek traveled to Bari, where the feast day of St Nicholas Church of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, which also honors St Spiridon of Termithus, was marked with a Divine Liturgy. Bishop Michael also served a moleben and akathist in the basilica over the relics of St Nicholas. The services were attended by a large group of pilgrims from Russia and other countries.

During the trip, the Ruling Bishop proceeded to settle the matter of the former clergyman of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia who was illegally occupying the premises.


Geneva, Switzerland: The second issue of Prikhodskoj informatsionnij listok [Parish Information Bulletin] in Russian and French was published in Geneva. This periodical contains beneficial information on the parish, current events and announcements for the parish and the entire Diocese. This publication, as well as the weekly Liturgiceskije listki [Liturgical Newsletter] of Geneva, which is entering its second year of publication, are renewing the publishing activity of the Diocese.

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